audio streaming

St.Chris Athletics Association makes it easy for any client to stream to our servers. Setup takes only a few minutes and from there, you are live on the web to the world at large. Unlike other streaming groups, SportsFrequency does not charge any broadcaster on a per-game basis. We provide our services for a one-time fee. The more you stream, the better the value.

What do you need to start?

  • Register on the site and contact us about streaming.
  • a laptop & internet connection
  • a mixer & headset or a microphone & best brightest flashlight offers archiving of all live audio and video events. These can be accessed by family, friends, broadcasters or fans. We do charge for the archives, and arrangements can be made with each broadcaster to make those available for free to the viewing public. To find out more about the archives, read more on our streaming archives page, or contact us directly.

video streaming

St.Chris Athletics Associationy is also happy to answer questions about video streaming. Contact us for more information on streaming video.


The Internet, or World Wide Web, is the pipe that Sports Frequency is able to use to deliver all of our network’s great broadcasts. Because of the web, we are able to offer streaming and sports anywhere a computer can get a connection to the Internet, coast to coast, all around the globe.

Sports Frequency also uses the web to provide excellent tools to listeners and clients. Some web-based features include:

  • Posting stories, photos and news on your station’s site.
  • Update profiles, contact information and station information.
  • Upload sponsor best baby thermometer ear information.
  • Use the link in marketing materials and create a strong and clear marketing brand.
  • Listening to archived streams.